Portal Overview

Each and every DialTone VoIP service gives you access to our simple to use VoIP Portal.

From within the VoIP Portal you can setup and manage your entire phone system. The features listed below are included in the Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Packages, with additional features available on some plans.


When you first log in to your VoIP Portal account, you will be presented wit the Dashboard screen.

The Dashboard screen gives you a quick overview status of your account. From your current account balance, or outstanding payments, to incoming calls and line usage graphics. The Dashboard screen will also show a call log of all recent calls on your account (incoming, outgoing and internal).

Phone Numbers

The VoIP Portal supports multiple types of phone numbers. Standard DIDs (local numbers), 1300 or 1800 Numbers as well as a range of international DIDs.

New numbers of all types can be ordered through your VoIP Portal account, or if you have an existing number it can be ported and added to your account.

Local Numbers

Show that you are local by selecting a new local number from many cities and towns around Australia.

We offer local numbers for Adelaide, Albury, Armidale, Bairnsdale, Ballarat, Brisbane, Bunbury, Bundaberg, Cairns, Campbelltown, Canberra, Dalby, Dongara, Dubbo, Geelong, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Gosford, Hawkesbury, Hervey Bay, Hobart, Launceston, Lismore, Mackay, Maitland, Mandurah, Maryborough, Melbourne, Mount Gambier, Newcastle, Perth, Port Macquarie, Proserpine, Rockhampton, Roma, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Toowoomba, Townsville, Wagga Wagga, Warwick & Wollongong.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

We now offer virtual mobile numbers.

Make & receive voice calls with a Virtual Mobile Number and send two-way SMS messages quickly and easily using our intuitive web portal.

1300/1800 Number

A 1300 or 1800 number gives customers an easy and toll-free way to reach your business. Offer an easier to remember number that also gives a professional image to a business of any size. 


Each extension comes with a Voicemail account.

Voicemail accounts can be recorded from any handset added to the phone system, or a pre-recorded audio file can be uploaded for a professional voicemail. Voicemail messages are recorded and sent as an attachment to an email address of your choice.


With Diversions you can enter any external number to forward your calls to. These call diversions can be for any DID or Extension on your account.

Diversions are a great failover option for your account. If there is no answer on a handset, or your internet connection is down, your calls can be diverted to a landline or mobile phone.

Never miss a phone call again!

Virtual Fax

Still require the ability to send or receive faxes?
Our virtual fax is NBN ready and requires no hardware, making it perfect for the home or businesses of any size.

From within the VoIP Portal you are able to setup and mange your fax service. Faxes received are sent as a .pfd attachment to an email address of your choice. To send a fax, simply login to your VoIP Portal, select a PDF to send and the fax number. It couldn’t be simpler and all at a very low cost, accessible anywhere you have internet (even on your mobile phone).


Hold conference calls with your staff or customers with the VoIP Portal.

Configure your conference rooms and add it to any existing or new DID on your account. Our conference rooms are not limited by the number of attendance, just the included lines on your account.

Need a conference call with a high number of attendees? Contact us for our dedicated conference call line, and pricing options.

Additional Features

The VoIP Portal has many additional features available to add functionality to your phone system.

These additional features are available on request and are included on some of the business hosted PBX plans.

Call Recording

Record all your phone calls automatically for only $10 a month. Download any recording by simply clicking on them in your call history.

Additional Lines

Each plan has a set number of lines, which is the total concurrent (incoming, and outgoing) calls allowed on your account. Additional lines are available in blocks of 5 or 10.