Portal Overview

Each and every DialTone VoIP service gives you access to our simple to use VoIP Portal.

From within the VoIP Portal you can setup and manage your entire phone system. The features listed below are included in the Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Packages, with additional features available on some plans.

SIP Trunking Plans
Hosted PBX Plans


When you first log in to your VoIP Portal account, you will be presented with the Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your account status. From your current account balance, or outstanding payments, to incoming calls and line usage graphics. The Dashboard will also show a call log of all recent calls on your account (incoming, outgoing and internal).

Included Features

The VoIP Portal has many features included on every plan to give you control over every phone call.
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Voicemail allows you to receive an attached audio file and message transcript to an email of your choice. All Voicemails can be access through VoIP Portal and kept up to 5 years!


Easily manage your call flows by adding any external number (landline or mobile) to be able to forward your calls directly from a DID directly or if an extensions is busy or doesn’t answer.

Number Routing

Easily control the flow of your incoming calls, with advanced routing options. Route your incoming calls to an extension, diversion number, fax, or even conference call.

Call History

Advances features allow you to run reports on all call history from within your VoIP Portal. View your call history for any given date, origin, destination, duration or even by cost.

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