Cloud PBX Solution

A DialTone Hosted PBX centralises your business phone system, allowing you to easily manage your handsets, call routing and more with ease.

The Hosted PBX offers a range of features that can scale as your business grows, without the need for onsite hardware or phone lines.  The features listed below are included in the Hosted PBX Packages, with additional features available on some plans.

PBX Extensions

PBX extensions are the connection between your IP Handsets or Mobile VoIP app and DialTone.

An extension is an internal number for your VoIP Phone, ATA, or a software phone like XLite. Each phone must have a separate extension and you can number them the way you like.

External Numbers

Expand the functionality of your Hosted PBX by connect any existing landline or mobile number.

The phone numbers that you add on this page will appear in the destination list of inbound routes, extension diversion, ring groups, call queues, time conditions, IVR and sound events. You can also use external numbers as ring group & queue agents.

Call Queue

Call Queues allows you to answer your calls in the order that they arrived, while your callers listen to your hold music.

You can configure the queue to ring several extensions with a variety of ring strategies (Ring All, Round Robin, ect.). It also allows for several useful features such as announcements, CID name prefix, call confirmation, and more.

Ring Groups

Ring Groups are similar to Call Queues, but without the ring strategies and features.

Ring Groups allows you to ring multiple extensions (or external numbers) at once, and if the call is not answered in the specified time or if all extensions are unavailable it will proceed to the next destination immediately.

Additional Features

The VoIP Portal has many additional features available to add functionality to your phone system.

These additional features are available on request and are included on some of our Hosted PBX plans.

Call Recording

Record all your phone calls automatically for only $10 a month. Download any recording by simply clicking on them in your call history.

Additional Lines

Each plan has a set number of lines, which is the total concurrent (incoming, and outgoing) calls allowed on your account. Additional lines are available in blocks of 5 or 10.

Available Plans

We offer simple, straight forward pricing plans to suit your your needs.
Corporate pricing is available, please contact us for more information.

PBX 2-Line

  • 2 Local numbers
  • 2 Extensions
  • 2 Lines
  • VoIP Portal access
  • 10¢ /min landline calls
  • 15¢ /min mobile calls
  • 30¢ /1300 call

PBX 4-Line

  • 4 Local numbers
  • 4 Extensions
  • 4 Lines
  • VoIP Portal access
  • 10¢ /min landline calls
  • 15¢ /min mobile calls
  • 30¢ /1300 call

PBX 6-Line

  • 6 Local numbers
  • 6 Extensions
  • 6 Lines
  • VoIP Portal access
  • 10¢ /min landline calls
  • 15¢ /min mobile calls
  • 30¢ /1300 call

PBX 8-Line

  • 8 Local numbers
  • 8 Extensions
  • 8 Lines
  • VoIP Portal access
  • 10¢ /min landline calls
  • 15¢ /min mobile calls
  • 30¢ /1300 call